About Mission Continuity

Mission Continuity main page - students on the locus walkPenn’s Mission Continuity Program (MCP) aims to contribute to and facilitate the University’s ability to be resilient under all circumstances, especially in the face of outages, disruptions, and other threats and risks to the institution. 

Sponsored by the Senior Executive Vice President and the Provost, the MCP brings together Schools and Centers from across Penn to participate in a campus-wide effort to create, maintain and innovate around continuity planning and to improve the University’s resilience.  The work of these Schools and Centers allows Penn to continue its core missions of teaching, research, and service in the event that risks in the environment materialize to threaten our ability to deliver on these missions. 

Penn’s MCP is run by a central team responsible for the program's day-to-day functioning.  This involves maintaining the software where continuity plans and other information are stored.  It also involves running the annual tabletop exercise initiative so that the University's readiness and resilience can be tested.

Together, as we face challenges and risks to the University, we can keep Penn safe and resilient for many years.  

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